This is what the colored glass looks like melted at the bottom of these bowls.  I fired to cone 016 which is roughly 1420 degrees.  I held the temperature for 20 minutes.  Next time I think a 30 minute hold will work better and smaller pieces of glass.  Overall not bad:

Experimentation With Paint, Then Glass

I drove over to Fort Worth and picked up some low fire glaze and some low fire bisque ware .  I also picked up a bunch of glass, and a dinosaur for my nephew.  

Here are the results:

Today I’ll be smashing up some glass to see what it might look like to have glass melted into the bottoms of some of these bowls.  

Orchid Pots

I was recently told that a nice addition to my collection might be to add orchid pots.  Some pots I’ve seen have holes all over them.  Holes coming tomorrow when they are leather hard.  So here goes nothing:

I also tried to make a large pot for a cactus.  We’ll see how this one turn out also:

Finished for Real This Time

I bought some of that liquid rubber used to coat the handles of tools… So basically I coated the bottom along with the bottom edge of the sculpture, hiding the discoloration and also preventing table tops from getting scratched.
Now on to the next one.


The Empress Finished

Here is the finished “The Empress” sculpture, glazed with Robin’s Egg glaze and fired to cone 6.  The one thing that I’m going to do is brainstorm ways to cover up the white patch near the base in the front.  I used Bisque-Fix to patch a crack, and it was a different color than the clay, so it’s visible.  I’m sure it doesn’t bother most, but it bothers me.  I’m thinking maybe a black paint or something to cover the base, and i’d bring it up the sides to cover the white while i’m at it.

And here are some stills:
IMG_1547 IMG_1548

Much Better Stamp Solution

After my stamp mishap the other day, I decided to order some professional stamps. This way I know they won’t be backwards:

Actually, two stamps were made because I wanted one to have the year on it, and the other to be timeless.

Here’s that Last Batch all Glazed

Thanks Nancy for letting me take photos at your home for the etsy listings:



IMG_1199.JPGNancy already claimed this yarn holder, but I’ll be making more. And I just thought this single flower vase was pretty.





10 Heart Bowls Drying

I think the kiln would actually be able to hold 17 or 18 of these bowls, so I think I’ll make 8 more and get them all in there at once. They have a stamp on the bottom of each one that says “there’s no place like home”


Throwing a Medium Sized Bowl and Turning it into a Heart

Here are two videos, the first shows me throwing a medium sized bowl. It’s not the most exciting. I’m sure any pottery expert would tell you i was doing it wrong, but I would say that I’m getting the job done. The second video shows how I turn the round bowl shape into the heart shape. After that I have a stamp that says “There’s no place like home” that I push into the slightly dried clay. I thought maybe to target realtors who just closed on a house with their client and want to give them a house warming gift, or for simple thank you or housewarming gifts. If you know any realtors, let em know. I made 10 of them. they’ll be on the Etsy shop if they come out good. I will still need to trim the bottoms, bisque fire them, glaze them, and then fire them again. Long process, but worth it.