Much Better Stamp Solution

After my stamp mishap the other day, I decided to order some professional stamps. This way I know they won’t be backwards:

Actually, two stamps were made because I wanted one to have the year on it, and the other to be timeless.

Here’s that Last Batch all Glazed

Thanks Nancy for letting me take photos at your home for the etsy listings:



IMG_1199.JPGNancy already claimed this yarn holder, but I’ll be making more. And I just thought this single flower vase was pretty.





10 Heart Bowls Drying

I think the kiln would actually be able to hold 17 or 18 of these bowls, so I think I’ll make 8 more and get them all in there at once. They have a stamp on the bottom of each one that says “there’s no place like home”


Throwing a Medium Sized Bowl and Turning it into a Heart

Here are two videos, the first shows me throwing a medium sized bowl. It’s not the most exciting. I’m sure any pottery expert would tell you i was doing it wrong, but I would say that I’m getting the job done. The second video shows how I turn the round bowl shape into the heart shape. After that I have a stamp that says “There’s no place like home” that I push into the slightly dried clay. I thought maybe to target realtors who just closed on a house with their client and want to give them a house warming gift, or for simple thank you or housewarming gifts. If you know any realtors, let em know. I made 10 of them. they’ll be on the Etsy shop if they come out good. I will still need to trim the bottoms, bisque fire them, glaze them, and then fire them again. Long process, but worth it.

Just Took Out the Bisqueware and Now it’s Time to Glaze

I’ll try not to get drunk like I did while I was making the last batch. Maybe that’s why it came out nice though. This time, for the heart bowls, I got some pink, purple, and “rhubarb” colored glaze for the Valentine’s day theme. Finger’s crossed again:


At this point I turned it upside down to apply the wax-resist, so the glaze won’t stick to the bottom of the shelf in the kiln.



I Bisqued a LOT of pieces yesterday:
IMG_1069 I was lucky when I opened the kiln that nothing broke.  I went to Trinity Ceramic Supply and picked up a powder form of a Blue Opal Glaze, as well as some Wax Resist – a waxy liquid you paint on the foot to prevent glaze from sticking:
IMG_1071  Glaze in powder form is often dangerous to inhale, so I also picked up a respirator mask and gloves:
IMG_1073 IMG_1070 I added the powder to some water in the garage and mixed it.  Then brought the bucket inside to do some dipping:

I’m hoping to get a more even coat this way.  And after talking to the guy at the pottery supply shop, I decided to fire to cone 6, with a 10 minute hold.  I’m hoping this will result in some “float” – glaze movement.
IMG_1077We’ll see.  the kiln is going now and will be ready to open tomorrow afternoon.  Fingers crossed.


Cupid Stamps

I thought it’d be nice to add something extra to the heart bowls… So, I found this rubber stamp of a Cupid. I also finished off my yarn holder with some needle holes and yarn holder path. The second and third pictures are of the yarn holder and ring holder I started yesterday. Today I trimmed the bottom and added earring holes around the edge. There is a bunch of stuff in the kiln which is being fired to cone 04 today. Then I’ll be able to glaze, fire, and show off a bunch of finished work.




Personalized Signature Stamp

Last post of the day, I promise. So this happened… I saw another professional potter doing their thing on YouTube. When they finished throwing their ware, they pulled out a stamp with their signature on it and pressed into the clay. Instead of signing each thing manually, I decided to make one for myself. I spent a couple hours on this thing… Very proud… Until I tried it out.

IMG_1028.JPG And then I was reminded of Mean Girls:tumblr_mjo48x1cfh1rojq9mo7_250